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Are we suffering from malnutrition?

Today on Worldwide Health News we take a look at the lack of protein in the modern diet and a healthy and convenient solution.

World wide Health News. Your source for the latest in health and nutrition.

Protein must be a part of a healthy diet for a simple reason: it is essential for life. Every single cell in the human body -- including bones, blood, skin, chemicals, and enzymes -- depend on protein for effective operation.[i]

Yet while we are more health-conscious than ever before, many of us are suffering the ill-health effects of a diet that is too high in saturated fat[ii], carbohydrates[iii], and calories[iv], while severely lacking in protein.

This wave of malnutrition is not merely disconcerting to medical professionals. It is alarming. The situation has become so desperate that obesity will soon become the  leading cause of preventable death.[v]

This nutritional dilemma is not, however, limited to obesity concerns. Malnutrition in non-overweight individuals is nearing epidemic levels. Millions of “fit looking” individuals subsist on a diet that is far too rich in carbohydrates. Many of these refined carbohydrates are metabolically similar to candies and sweets. Added to this problem is that saturated fats continue to dominate many meals, particular those served in fast food restaurants.

Essentially , the problem can be summed up as this: eat right or prepare to suffer.

The first step is to reintroduce the importance of protein. This neglect is all the more stunning given that, of the three major macronutrients – carbohydrates, fats, and proteins – proteins are the only essential component that human beings cannot live without.

However, there is a product in the market today called ProShots by Nuvo Sport that is receiving significant credible attention from both the consumer and medical communities.

ProShots® is an all-natural protein shot. Each ready-to-drink, 100-calorie vial provides 25 grams of protein (50% of the recommended daily amount). ProShots comes in 5 refreshing flavors and is described as delightful.  Its an all-natural alternative to traditional protein shakes . Each serving of ProShots is sold in a unique, virtually unbreakable plastic vial that can be easily transported in a briefcase or purse and can be consumed in just a few sips

If you want to learn more about Proshots visit their website NuvoSport.com.

Join us next time on Worldwide Health News.  Stay Healthy my friends.



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