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How to get more fiber in your diet

High fiber is important to add our diet.

We probably all know that.  The trick is: HOW?

Worldwide Health News. Your source for the latest in health and nutrition.

Fiber is the indigestible part of plant foods and is essential to our good health. The benefits of fiber are many and the majority of us do not come close to the recommended daily fiber intake. Increasing your fiber intake also helps reduce overall calorie intake. Fiber lowers cholesterol, prevents constipation, and slows digestion. Slower digestion provides our bodies with more time to absorb essential nutrients from our food.  Fiber can also help to reduce and maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) number. This number reflects the amount of fat we carry around. Higher numbers put us at risk for a number of diseases associated with obesity.

How much fiber is enough?  Recommendations for fiber intake depend on your age and gender. According to the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, the recommendations in the United States are:

For all women over 18 is about 35 grams a day and for men 18 and over approximately 49 grams a day. To increase your fiber intake, try these tips:

- Have several servings of fruits and vegetables each day. The fiber in fruits and vegetables also contains vitamins and minerals. Fiber also makes us feel more full and likely to eat less. It prevents cholesterol from staying behind in the bloodstream and building up on artery walls.

- Always chose whole grain. Look for products that say “100% wheat” or that mention bran or multi-grain and then check the label to verify that it's true

And an excellent and convenient source of fiber is a new product called Fruitmania®.   Fruitmania offers an exciting new way to easily get the goodness of fruits and vegetables every day.  This one of a kind, ready-to-drink beverage is sold in a unique “shot” format . Each serving contains the equivalent of over 2lbs of concentrated fruits and vegetables in a single serving of less than 3 fluid ounces.    5 grams of dietary fiber (20% of the recommended daily allowance).   Each serving of Fruitmania is sold in a unique, virtually unbreakable plastic vial that can be easily transported in a briefcase or purse and can be consumed in just a few sips.  Fruitmania is heat and cold stable, so vials can be stored in a vehicle for on the go nutrition.  Fruitmania is all natural, fat free, gluten free, cholesterol free, lactose free, preservative free, and contains less than 100 calories per serving.  Fruitmania is available in 6 delicious flavors.

If you want to learn more about Fruitmania visit their website NuvoSport.com.

Join us next time on Worldwide Health News.  Stay Healthy my friends.

Video available at: http://youtu.be/gvaxbbadSKw
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