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Protein Supplements NuvoSport Cafe Inspirato

Protein...there's more than one way to get it.  Today on Worldwide Health News we take a look at Protein supplements.
Worldwide Health News. Your source for the latest in health and nutrition.

Protein supplements provide many of the nutrients that we need to maintain a healthy body.

protein supplements are quick and easy to ingest and if you are on a diet, liquid protein supplements make a great meal replacement.  Busy people with unbalanced diets can use liquid protein supplements.  Athletes need protein, which can include protein shots, for building and maintaining muscles.  Many medical patients use protein supplements, and those who are health-conscious in general try to get additional protein through supplements. 

Basically, protein supplements of any kind are good for everyone, and those who are not taking them should consider it.
An excellent way to add protein to your diet is with protein shots and an exciting new innovation in protein shots...is NuvoSport's Cafe Inspirato. These delicious Italian Barista Style Coffeehouse drinks provide 15 grams of protein in a low calorie 2.9 ounce shot.

They are simply mini, ready-to-drink protein supplements that can be carried easily in a purse or backpack.  They are pre-mixed, so there are no messy powders or liquids to measure or mix.  Cafe Inspirato Protein shots are a wonderful way for anyone who doesn’t get the proper nutrition to get their protein on-the-go.

Not only are Cafe Inspirato protein shots convenient and portable, but delicious.

You can now recharge with a healthy and delicious solution. Cafe Inspirato comes in three coffeehouse flavors.
Vanilla Carmel, Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

Cafe Inspirato is dairy free and the low glycemic formula provides 30% of the recommended daily allowance of protein and 27 vitamins and minerals. The Ingredients You Need. The Taste You Want."

If you want to learn more about Cafe Inspirato visit their website NuvoSport.com.

Join us next time on Worldwide Health News.  Stay Healthy my friends.

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